Spandrel Glass

PRL Spandrel Glass with its nearly unlimited range of colors offers greatly increased options for interior and exterior glass applications. Color matching is no problem for PRL, using a computerized color spectrophotometer. When spandrel is used on clear or reflective glass it adds shimmering, jewel like color to the interiors of hotels, shops, and restaurants. Applicable on annealed or tempered, Low Iron, clear, and reflective glass products. Available in standard and custom colors. Unlimited additional custom colors can be provided at additional cost. Please consult our sales office for more information.

Standard Colors

Custom Colors

Wall Clad
Spandrel an almost unlimited range of color a variety option for interior glass application. Used a clear or reflective glass it can add a radiant, jewel-like colors to the commercial or residential interior applications. For more images click here


Opaci-Coat 300 has provided thirty years of design opportunities in spandrel and wall-cladding than any other coating for glass.

Offered with ICD OPACI-COAT 300 water based silicone coat. Heat-treating is not required.